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Meet Chef Sarah

Sarah, owner and founder of Green Living, is a plant-based chef whose dishes are inspired by her affinity for flavorful food and connection to the natural world around her. Growing up, Sarah always had the goal of working with animals. She was able to live that dream while caring for bottlenose dolphins which brought her out to the Big Island of Hawai’i in 2015. However, when COVID-19 struck in 2020, like many others, Sarah faced unemployment and was forced to evaluate a new direction. Cooking has always played a major role in Sarah’s life, so keeping her mission to be a steward to the planet in the forefront of her mind, it seemed only natural to take her zeal for sustainable cuisine to a professional level.

Sarah has experience catering private dinners, weddings and retreats, corporate groups and more. In the summer of 2021, Sarah also completed formal training with The Vegan Chef School and is excited to bring a way of eating that is nourishing for the body and planet into the lives of others.

Whether you are looking for an intimate private dinner in the comfort of your own home or a dedicated chef to cater your next event or retreat, Sarah is passionate and ready to serve you. Write Green Living an email so Chef Sarah can start collaborating and fulfill your culinary needs.


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